Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice

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Artist Statement

Jerry Rice is considered by many to be the greatest wide receiver of all time. Some say he’s the greatest football player of all time, regardless of position. His career spanned 20 years and he is the leader in almost every statistical category for wide receivers (receptions, touchdowns, receiving yards, etc.) and holds over 100 NFL records. He scored more points than any other non-kicker in NFL history (1,256) and finished his career with three Super Bowl titles. He was also named the MVP for Super Bowl XXIII (1989). Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010, Rice was as graceful an athlete as any that stepped onto a football field.

Jerry was one of the most meticulous, efficient, and precise route-runners the game has seen. As well-conditioned as any player of his era, his workout routines became legendary with many other players—seeking him out in the offseason to train alongside him in the hills in Northern California. 

The Flash 80 painting was originally conceived as an image for a San Francisco 49er media guide cover to commemorate Rice’s achievements the previous season. The painting was presented in its long horizontal format. The image was created to represents the talented receiver’s effortless speed and style as he moved through opposing teams’ secondary as if they weren’t there. The image was reimagined slightly and presented in a shorter vertical format to include in the Fleer Pro-Vision line. The Rice card was not found in packs—rather it was included as an insert card in a special update set Fleer issued at the end of the football season.