Howie Long

Howie Long

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Artist Statement

Howie Long was a larger-than-life personality on and off the field. A charismatic player known for his tenacity and power, Long and his fellow Raider defensive teammates were the ultimate intimidators on the field. Playing 13 seasons with the Oakland (and Los Angeles) Raiders, Long was elected to the Pro Bowl eight times. 

During the 1983 season, when the Raiders won the Super Bowl, Howie was the face of the popular Raider franchise as Mr. Raider. Adored by the faithful Raider Nation fans and highly respected by opposing fan bases, he was fast becoming a household name. After his Hall Of Fame football career (elected in 2000) he went on to star in movies and television commercials and remains an extremely popular sports analyst covering the NFL.

The Mr. Raider painting portrays Long as a figure of intimidation standing in front of one of the most iconic and intimidating logos in sports—as founding owner Al Davis might say: “Daaa Raiders!”