Terry Smith inspecting a giclee print of Vince Carter

About the Giclée Prints

Why Giclée Prints

Through the production of signed and numbered Giclée limited edition prints, Terry's work is made available at a larger size and scale than it has been historically available to collectors of his work. This is something collectors have been requesting for years.

These Giclée prints are the highest quality reproductions of Terry's art that have ever been produced. Highly collectible, museum-quality pieces that would typically only be available at a gallery or auction house will be made accessible to collectors in very limited quantities, for short windows of time. This process was very important to Terry, as a means of protecting the investment potential for those who collect his work. 

Each TSC Giclée print will be hand-inspected, signed, and numbered by the artist; then have all of the official NBA and NBPA licensing holograms applied. Each Giclée print will also come with an artist-signed and numbered letter of authenticity that corresponds to the handwritten number on each Giclée print.

Terry Smith holding the end of a giclee print as it is being printed
Terry Smith using a magnifying glass to inspect a giclee of Vince Carter for imperfections.
Terry Smith signing and numbering a giclee print of Vince Carter

The Process

TSC Limited Edition Giclée Prints are masterfully crafted to be as close to the artist's original vision as possible. Giclée printing is a process that uses the latest in permanent inks and digital printing technology to produce a print that is far superior to all other forms of printing.

Originating in the 1980s, Giclée printing uses high-resolution digital files and archival quality paper and inks that result in greater color accuracy and clarity.

Giclée prints offer both artists and collectors a number of benefits. Artists can make their work available to a larger audience and produce prints whose quality rivals that of traditional silver-halide and gelatin printing processes. At the end of the run, files used to create the prints can be deleted. By doing this, collectors can be sure that the work will not be reproduced again in this form and the prints will retain their value.

Officially Licensed

Finally, every print is issued with the official licensing hologram of the NBA. All prints from the ImaginaryInk collection are licensed by both the NBA and NBPA.

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